Organizational Excellence Data Collaborative


Healthcare is a data-driven field; however, the ability of researchers to use available datasets is hampered by the absence of a seamless access and exchange of data. As well, the researchers’ capacity to access, analyze, and use date is expensive and inadequate. There is currently no national effort or infrastructure to support a data collaborative initiative that will catalyze improvements in healthcare management practices. This project will help identify the next steps in curating databases, assembling a cadre of healthcare scholars, and developing an ongoing infrastructure that would make an organizational excellence data collaborative a reality. We would like to:

  •   Work with members of the Academy of Management and AcademyHealth to develop an inventory of the most important databases for assessing organizational excellence in health systems.
    •   Establish a community of healthcare organizational excellence scholars, and within this community identify opportunities for collaboration to drive efficiency in database refinement and governance.
      •   Develop and implement a plan for ongoing maintenance of the community and data resource needs.

        NCHL’s goal in this project is to create a mechanism for bringing together management, quality, and financial databases that would allow researchers efficient and timely access to robust and clean datasets in order to study the relationship of management practices and organizational outcomes. 

        For more information on the Organizational Excellence Data Collaborative, please contact Andy Garman at

        Sponsored by a grant from Hospira.