Graduate Health Management Education Demonstration Project

This innovative and nationally recognized health management education transformation effort has brought together 15 graduate health management programs—selected through a competitive application process—to develop and implement program‐wide competency‐based learning and assessment curricula using the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model.

These programs have been working to:

  •   Advance the use of competency-based learning and assessment best practices with their faculty—to move from lower-retention, faculty-centric teaching (lectures, readings) to more high retention and career-like learning (strategic projects, team-based activities)
    •   Foster the attainment of leadership competencies in their graduate students through improved pedagogy, reflective learning, and leadership projects
      •   Incorporate competency?based processes in their recruitment and selection
        •   Share and disseminate best practices throughout the field

          Aside from the transformational work of the demonstration sites, NCHL has also disseminated Competency Integration in Health Management Education: A Resource Series for Program Directors and Faculty ‐ Guidebook 1: Curriculum Mapping, Analysis, and Planning to over 60 graduate health management programs, held audio‐web conference calls, and hosted workshops for programs outside the demonstration project in collaboration with AUPHA. As an extension of this work many graduate health management programs are adopting the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model in their programs to meet new competency‐based accreditation requirements.

          This project’s principal investigator is Judith Calhoun, PhD, University of Michigan. This demonstration project, initially funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has been supported by corporate support.

          For more information about this demonstration project contact Nitasha Kassam at